Howa Rifles


The Howa 1500 rifles have been produced since the 1920’s in Japan and have a strong pedigree behind them. The smooth bolt has a square face to ensure true headspace, large locking lugs hold the bolt firmly in place and the strong M16 style extractor provides timeless reliability and extraction.

Howa 1500 rifles represent excellent value for money. A three position safety is used on Howa rifles allowing them to be unloaded on safe. Howa rifles are multi-shot and come as standard with a floor plate system but a magazine system can be fitted. A two stage adjustable HACT match trigger is used, along with a fully floating barrelled action, to achieve maximum accuracy and consistency.

Every Howa rifle from the firing pin to the barrels are perfectly designed, quality machined, fitted with exacting
tolerances and all with superior hammer forged pre-hardened steel.


Howa Hogue

Receiver and bolt are forged steel with integral bolt handle, bolt faces are square to barrel chamber and bolt faces have
excellent contact with recess. Hands down the best extractor style and design available. 100% reliable M16 style extractor.

Many shooters know that the trigger on any rifle is one of the inherent focal points for achieved accuracy and safety.
The new Howa HACT two stage match triggers provide you the shooter with the instant ability to achieve better accuracy
right out of the box.


All Howa’s have a 3 position safety which allows for barrels to be locked down and also allows for actions to be
UNLOADED while on SAFE. Key for youth guns, climbing tree stands or moving through dense brush or forests.

Our factory barrels are Hammer Forged and are chambered symmetrically at center of axis with head space set to
stringent and exacting specs resulting in maximum accuracy and consistent bores.

ALL of our Howa Short Action Caliber Rifles have the ability to be converted to detachable mag kits with Ammo Boosting
status. From 5rd to 10rd options… and all can be done in a matter of minutes. Our conversion kits also work on all older
model Howa’s, Weatherby Vanguards, Mossberg 1500’s, S&W 1500’s and Interarms 1500’s.

We utilize the best stocks in the industry for form, fit, function and value.
HOGUE • BLACKHAWK • Premium Walnut • Superior Laminate

Howa Rifles are distributed in South Africa by African Outdoor Sports